MED FIRST specializes in Ambulatory Surgery Center facility billing and will support your ASC billing efforts through the current trend of consolidation and outsourcing. The increasing complexity of medical reimbursement and the changing mix of payors complicates the efficiency for healthcare providers. Our experts can assist you by developing innovative solutions to meet your challenges.

Here is a partial list of our services:

MED FIRST specializes in the billing of facility fees for Ambulatory Surgical Centers.  We currently provide billing for several ASC’s and our experience can be of benefit to your ASC.  MED FIRST uses electronic (paperless) claims submission to all major insurance carriers and our expertise will lead to an increase in revenue for your facility.

A MED FIRST innovation.  We can analyze your new and existing contracts and project your potential lost revenue.  We can then recommend changes and negotiate those changes for you.

MED FIRST can take your aged receivables report (45 + days) and call all of the outstanding insurance accounts, follow up on the insurance payment rejections with appeals and follow up on any outstanding appeals.

A collection agency can take over after the practice has exhausted its efforts. We can work with your collection agency or we will use the company we are working with. One advantage of a collection agency is that the collection process is in the name of the collection agency and not the Center, practice or the Doctors’ name when sending letters to delinquent, solvent patients threatening to enter the amount due onto the patients credit record and as a final step can actually report the balance to the credit bureau.

What do you do with old patient balances?  MED FIRST can offer you an alternative to writing them off.   MED FIRST will purchase your old patient receivables.  This provides you with cash for your bottom line, and you are no longer involved with the patient collection effort.  You have assigned your financial interest to a collection agency.

Who now does your hospital and insurance recredentialing?  This can be outsourced to MED FIRST. Every time you receive a credentialing package, you can forward it to MED FIRST for completion.

Are you using the proper codes?   MED FIRST will review both your M/E codes and your procedure codes to determine if you’re in compliance with HCFA standards.

Have you analyzed your fee schedule this year?  Are you receiving full fee from some payors?  MED FIRST can review your fee schedule and recommend a level that will insure you are receiving maximum allowable reimbursement for all your codes.

We do more than just increase the effectiveness of your billing and collections effort.  In addition to improving your bottom line, we at MED FIRST create more time for you to generate revenue (see patients) and enhance your quality of life with your family.